Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Body Arum Sensational Massage in Bali

Another sensasional massage has arrived in Bali.

The place is a salon with massage services. It’s quite a small place but cozy. It’s has one complete room (with bathup and shower inside) in the ground floor and about 3 room in the 2nd floor. I haven’t been to the 3rd floor.

The massage is really different. I never experience such a sensational massage in another places. The service called Sensational Massage Service. It’s a 2.5 hour massage, complete with scrub, flower bath, fruit and juice. Anyway, the mango juice was really fresh and nice.

The massage began from feet with the body facing down. The sensational part began when it reached the leg. She somehow reached the edge of “the hole” very very soft and kept doing it for minutes. She kept me ON by doing the sensational “hole” touch every 5 minutes. DAMN!. I felt that I can’t hold it anymore.

The massage continued to my back. She pressed from bottom to the top at the center of my back. After reached the top, she moved her finger to the edge of my body and slipped them a little (it was like reaching my front body from the back). And then moved the finger to the my hip. It felt like she wanted to get part of my dick. Do you get what I mean? Hmm.. I wish I could video this.. and again.. she kept doing it every 5 minutes. You can’t RELAX!!

After all the back part finished, I turned around. Massage began from the feet as usual. The fun part when it reached my leg. She massaged from the leg to the bottom of my balls. And when she massaged my abs, she ACCIDENTLY touched my dick. But she kept doing it for some times.

The massage then continued with hands, face and head. After finished all that, I asked to get in to the bathup. She didn’t let me to open my underware when I got in to the bathup. And this was a very bad indicator! And the indicator was right, this place doesn’t allow “extra service”. DAMN!! But it is good to rush your adrenalin.

Their Contact:

Body Arum Massage 

Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya 38C Renon