Thursday, December 3, 2009

Penginapan Taman Asri Denpasar - Freelancer Execution

Ohh.. At last.. Just had a girl in Taman Asri.. I was about to go to Sanur to release my dirt oil.. But my guy in sanur told me that there's some sweeping going on.. very few girls or almost none around.. Be carefull guys.. I heard from the taman asri as well.. Sweeping until 14 dec.. Just last nite a girl taken by the police..

A bit confuse after heard the news.. going round and round.. And I went to penginapan cargo.. I never went to this place before.. So I was pretending that I was there before.. I asked whether she had new girls.. And she said.. No girls around.. Ok I thought she scared coz she didn't know me.. So I leave..

So.. I went to taman asri.. And the admin still remembered me.. So I don't have to pretend.. She told me no girls around this time.. Because they scare to get caught.. And told me about last night etc.. Ok same story with my guy in sanur.. I was a little scare too actually.. BUT I can't hold it any longer! So what d fak!

There was 1 girl in the admin area.. She asked the girl inside the admin area who was happened to be a guest there.. if she want to sell herself. Not too good really.. Very tiny.. A lot of pimple.. But THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICES.. It's just faking a sales girl.. Very minimal makeup.. She didn't look like a whore or anything like that..

Cost 300.000 all

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Young Massasue in Sakura Denpasar

GPS / Google maps : -8.654617,115.207508

Just for the curiosity, I went to this place. Some of my friends said the girls are good. So what the fak.

The place is a complex of small shop. About 3/4 of the complex are rented by Progressive English Course (CMIIW). I went there in the afternoon. Parking was easy. I was a bit doubt to get in. The place is dark, small and ugly. But I finally got in. There are about 6 girls available from their photo on the desk. None of them ring a bell. From my last experience to similar places, photo can't tell. I asked the guy, which one has the most customers. The guy pointed me to the ELSA. From the photo looked alright, so why not.

There were about 4 rooms, partitioned by plywood and gorden as its door. The guy chosen me the last room. A good looking, really nice body, young girl came inside. What I really like the most was her body. Her body was well fed. She looked a bit arrogant for the first time. Massage was ok. After turned over, I started to do some talking to be more comfortable. She started to be more friendly. She told me that she was 18 yrs old. I believe she was.

Then the show begun. Tips: with youngster, normally we have to do the work a little bit more.

Cost: 50rb for front desk, 250rb for the girl tips.

I tried other girl: Sarah, the other day. But no good, just standard. We can find in other better places.

I certainly will come back for this girl only. The place is really bad.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Sexational Night in Alexis Hotel Jakarta

Alexis will always be my favorite destination in Jakarta ..

This time I went straight to level 7 which is called "spa". When the lift opened, I was facing a small lobby. I was asked for a real massage or a complete massage. The reception gave me a number as my alexis identify.

I went inside where the girls were.. WOW.. yuhuuu.. I think it was about mmm.. so many.. 100? mm not sure.. but so so many girls.. if I use clock direction.. on 3 is thai, on 1 is russian, 12 is latin, 10 is korean, 9 is indonesian, 8 is chinese. There are about 20 thais (1.6 - 1.9 mil), 7 russians (1.6 mil), 1 latins (1.6 mil), 3 koreans (2.1 mil), 20 indonesian (didnt asked), 35 chineses (1.6 - 1.9 mil). This number are approximate only. I didn't have the gut to count them there hihihi :)

I went around and round for like 3 times. It's so damn hard to choose. But finally finally I chose Russian. I always like their look and this girl seemed so bitchy. And she can speak good english. I told the pimp.

We did bit of talking to be more comfortable. She asked me if I want to go swimming before faking. Well.. I said no.. then she took my hand and we went to find the room. The room was really nice. It's like modern studio with Ancol view. It's really nice room with a really nice russian girl. Later that night (may be morning) we party together in Stadium.

It's an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to be in Alexis Hotel Jakarta !!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven's Club Kuta Bali


After finishing my home job, I went around Kuta and Legian area. I went from Legian, looking at the crowd along the bomb Bali 1 site. None amuse me. It's just too early. It was in Friday night at about 10 PM. I went till the intersection then I took right. Just when I took the turn, I saw some sexy good looking girls on the left street in front of a door entrance. About 4 of them. I oftenly pass this street and never notice that there is a club there. It's only a door entrace no window etc and a name sign (no other explaination).

My very little bro made me stop. I parked in front of the old Made's Warung. When I was in the entrace, a girl approached me and let me in. She walked me in to the bar chair. No entrance fee. Then after talking full of bullshit and ordering some drinks for me and her, she sat beside me and started acting a little bitchy which was really nice.

The club is like any other clubs. Got 2 or 3 big sofas, some tables and bar chairs. The different is a girl (may be you can ask for more) accompany you. Well you can do what most couple will do in the club. It's not a dark club, you can see everybody in the club. I was told there were some karaoke rooms as well. For more challenging stuffs may be?

I will go there another day..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beer Massage - Another DAMN Sensational Massage by Body Arum Spa

Thanks to you guys who commented to my last body arum article. I was really curious about the service called beer massage. I went there last week and K.S was the therapist. It's cost 200.000 for 2 hours. It's quite premium compare others. You can get 25% discount if you go before 13.00. I was there about 14.00, damn.

The massage begun with drinking a small glass of beer. It's felt quite strange. Normally you get a hot ginger tea or some healtly drinks. The spa music and the beer was just not combined. But that's the sensation. She sprayed me with a beer before applying the lotion. The beer aroma was so nice. The massage begun as usual from the back started from the feet. The show begun with massaging my b(l)ack hole. This time was real massaging. It's not pretending that it's touched accidently. She kept touching my black hole every 1 minute I think :)

Next I turned around. The best part was when she massaged my chest area. She touched my nipples then went down to my pant. Her hand slipped under my paper black pant, touched the area under my ball and rised her hand to reach more down area under my ball. So when she rised her hand, my dick which really really on high alert, was out from its cage. It's right in front of her face. FAK! She kept repeating this massage for such a long time.

As some experiences from friends and you guys, I didn't ask for extra. Well this is the worst part really. I got really really high, but no ending. But the sensation.. hmmmm... you can't find anywhere else..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Melati Spa Legian Kuta Bali

Heard so much news about this place from friends. Their conclusion is most of girls prettier than other places. Most or may be all of them are sundanese (Bandung Girls). The address is in Jl. Dewi Sri, Legian Kuta. The street is just opposite Kuta Galleria (where the Ace Hardware and Giant Hypermarket are). The sign is big, you won't miss it. It's in the east side of the road. Red and black colour: Melati Spa.

The entrance cost 185.000 for 1.5 hr massage. A big jacuzzi is in the first floor. Up to the second floor is the massage area. I was asked to choose a number instead some photos or girls. You have to asked around, or read around before coming to this place. A friend told me number 6 is OK, not pretty but not bad either, fun girl. Later this number 6 told me that number 16 is very pretty. I haven't got a chance to use her service yet.

The massage area I would say similar to others like star, bali oriental, jegeg bali. It's clean and smell good. The plus is the jacuzzi but of course the price tell. I really like when she opened my leg, asked me to up my ass a bit and started massaging the edge of the leg 360 degrees. Feels good !!

I was told by the massasue, some extra costs: hand 200.000, fak 600.000. But some friends paid more than that, and some less than that. It depends on your negotiation skill. No one know what you're doing inside !!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sex in Yogyakarta .. Kota "Pelajar"

I spent my last weekend in Yogyakarta. My last trip here was about 15 years ago. I can't remember a thing, except eating boiled crab on Malioboro Street.

After doing some researches from internet, I decided to stay in Sala 3. It's 150.000 per night for AC room. The hotel is a non star hotel, no soap, no shower (using , no shampoo, nothing. Only one towel. What can you expect more? Obviously, it's not a place for a family trip. But the area is nice. About 15 minutes from airport. Not too far from Malioboro, about 15 minutes driving as well. There are a lot of foods around. Circle K and K24 are around. Thanks to, it really helps me. Just it's culiner section is out of date. I can't find 2 of the places.

There is very limited information about having sex in Yogya in the internet. I came to some well known Indonesia Sex Forum such as BM and DS, very minimum post. I thought maybe because of the Sultan, the sex and others are strictly banned.

Arrived in Yogya at noon, and I took a cab to hotel. On the street I saw a signage FHM Girl Next Door @ Hugos tonight. YES!, I'm gonna go there tonight. I took cab many times. Getting lots information from the drivers. According to them, most girls who are mostly university students, can be picked up at the club such as Hugos, Bosche and Liquid. Normally the club is open at 11 PM.

To kill time, I spent my time having massage (a real one) at Griya Shiatsu (near the Bank Indonesia and Post Office) for 2 hours. It’s really nice. Similar with Griya Bugar in Bali. I went there by Becak from Malioboro Street.

I arrived at Hugos around 11.30 PM. It’s empty. The waiters told me it’s too early. The place is in the Sheraton Hotel Complex. The bar is in the center and take about 25% of the place. It’s a really big bar. The stage is behind the bar. I stayed in front of the bar. And behind me was the FHM girls. WOWWWW.. They were so so damn sexy..

After some times, it’s kinda boring. It’s nearly 1 AM and still no crowd. What happen?? I don’t understand, FHM is such a big name. Waiters keep saying, it’s not the time yet. Well I decided to go from Hugos. I was a bit confuse, whether I should go back and sleep, go to another night club, or go get a whore. After getting some info from the cab driver that it’s not 100% I will get university girl in the club, and I have only ONE night here, I went to girl showroom.

There is 2 types: one is localisation (cheap girls) others is kind of showroom (more expensive, but better of course). Normally girls in the showroom are university student, sales promotion girls, shop keeper, salon, etc. My cab driver was old and he didn’t know where it was. He asked around to get the place. Damn.

The place was in Jalan Pasar Kembang. It is very near to Malioboro Street. Walkable distance I would say from Maliboro. Or better you get a becak. So next time, I will stay in Malioboro area for sure. A lot of cheap hotels in the area. They are rarely fully occupied.

The one I went was in Jalan Pasar Kembang 22. There are about 3 or 4 places in the same street. Some more in the different street but still in the area. I walked in the house and saw about 6 girls. None ring a bell, damn. It’s almost 3 AM, so no time to browse around. I took one of them. It costed me 300.000 for the girl and 50.000 for the pick up guy. They have no room there, only showroom. I took the girl to hotel.

The service was normal. Nothing bad. Nothing special either. After finish, she called the pickup guy. About 10 minutes he arrived and took her with him.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Howto spot Freelance in Bali Local Newspapers

If you haven't got anytime to "browse" around the area, you might just buy one or two top local newspapers such as Bali Post, Jawa Post (look for Radar Bali) and Denpasar Post. There are some more papers but I never read them, so no idea.

I have a bit of clue on howto spot these freelancers. They put an ads as massage service. Look inside writing ads, focus on Rupa Rupa area or Massage area. Some words such as Sensational Massage, Relaxation, Full Massage, Panggilan (call service) are normally as their keywords. I have two newspapers in my office right now. Monday is not a good day for them I guess. I only spot 2 of them. Friday and Saturday more. I'll update when I notice them more.

It's a bit difficult to differentiate the real and the plus one. To confirm, ring them and ask whether they provide "full service". Yupe, that's the word. Full Service.

I scanned from Bali Post on Sunday 17.05.2009. I couldn't find any in today's paper. Circle in blue is massaged by man. Circle in red is by girl. You can try your luck for the last one.

This part I scanned from Denpasar Post today. First one is massaged by man. Second one (Ratna) should try the keyword. Same as the last one (Puri Bunga).

This one I took from Jawa Post - Radar Bali today. 20 May 2009. Blue underline massaged by man. The first one Murni, states "only massage nothing else" ..

The red circle !! Taken from Bali Post 20.05.09

Bali Post 22.05.09. IVON!! YES SHE IS THE GIRL.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sex Massage Plus in Denpasar Bali

Most of good massage places are in Kuta and Nusa Dua area. But for you who like advanture, you might want to try some of these places.

Mutiara - Jl. Teuku Umar, Denpasar (just opposite Hero / Pizza Hut near the round about)
This place was dark and dirty. The toilet was even worst. The girls were mostly in their middle 30. But if you look for sex, you are in the right place. The girls won't do any good massages. 

Sekar Langit & Sylviana - Jl. P. Moyo
These two places are side by side. They are cleaner than Mutiara, more sun light coming in. Only one toilet without shower. Some of the girls are quite young (early 20). 

Wisata Bali - Jl. Tukad Pakerisan
Most Girls were young (early 20). Two of them which I tried really wild. They opened my cloths while I just got in to the room and started the BJ. I didn't feel like to use the toilet. I don't think they change the bed / pillow sheet for every customer. It's smell bad.

Rianti - Jl. Cargo
Only one girl was QUITE OK. The rest was fak up (40 i think). They will do anything you want.

Puri Asih - Jl. Gurita, Sesetan (near the Pegok Field)
Dirty dirty dirty, but the service was good. She bathed me really nice.

Rembulan - Jl. Diponegoro (Opposite Yamaha, at the back of shop complex)
Girls were mostly in their 30s. as above. They will do anything you want.

Ramayana - Intersection of Jl. Setiabudi and Gunung Agung.
Girls were mostly in their 30s. as above. They will do anything you want.

Ah too much if I should comment all of them. Here are the list:

Sakura - Jl. Gunung Agung, on the left side (south) not far from the intersection above (Ramayana)
Arini - Jl. Setiabudi, one the left side (west) just before the intersection with Jl Sutomo
Srikandi - Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat east of Radio Pinguin
Lembayung - Jl. Imambonjol, North of jl. Gunung Soputan, south of Jl. Teuku Umar. On the west side.

All of them are quite the same. The places were quite dirty, the sheet and towel oftenly smells. Some have pretty girls and young. Price for massage normally 50.000. Others are between 100.000 - 300.000.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't You Just Love Hotel Alexis Jakarta - Review on Crown and Equinox X2

I really love this club! The girls, the crowd, the place, the show.. they are all perfect!

I and some friends spent our last holiday night (friday) in Hotel Alexis Jakarta. We arrived around 11 PM. Not too many people inside. I was a bit worried that we would spend our last night with some boring stuffs like our last 2 nights. 

The night before on Wednesday, we went to Crown in Glodok Plaza. The parking spaces was full. We were wondering, last time we came here on Wednesday, parking was easy. We walked in and hoped that the place would be fully loaded by girls. We went to the lounge. The discotique was just not for us that night, no amunitions. The lounge was damn full. We hardly could walk. 

Later we found out that one of the top Indonesian Bands Sheilla on Seven would go on stage. No wonder lah! Since we couldn't find any tables, we couldn't order any drinks. We made some order but never came. Later we found out, they only served us if we have a table. We stood there, with no drink, no girls, with some pop songs. It was really really boringggg.. Not for long, we went back to hotel.

On Thursday, we went to X2 in Plaza Senayan. One of my friends used T-SHIRT. It brought a problem to us. We were not allowed to go in. The waiter then lent us his sweater. Then we're IN. We walked up the stairs and in to the Equinox. It was emptied! Well some people was there, but it was not enough to just fill such the big place. We waited until about 1 am. Still the crowd was boring. 

Our last night, which happened to be on Friday, we wanted to spend best. We booked 2 tables in the middle, in front of the stage. We then ordered 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label. We was a bit suprised. The price was 1.4 million for 2 bottles. It's really damn cheap!! The beer price was 50.000. Next time don't order beer, just Johnny Walker.

The show begun shortly after we arrived. It begun with some girls wearing sexy cloths. The show I would say about 20 minutes. Then break about 20 minutes. Next begun another show with different girls. There were 2 set of girls. Then it became exciting. They started losing their cloths. The first set was losing only their bra. Came the second set and losing all their cloths. Most of them were pretty. If you came from a small town like me, this show was amazing. I mean the girls. Their beauty.. I can't find any in my small town!!

I took the chance to get some drinks from the dancers. She came to me and did some dirty dancings. She put my hand in her boops, opened my shirt and lick my nipples. I was too shy to get turn ON, but I was very very TURNED ON!. She was just so gorgious!!

Fortunately, we spent that night shocking. The last two night was paid off. Bravo ALEXIS!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hotel Travel Jakarta

I went to Hotel Travel Jakarta in Mangga Besar area for my first holiday night in Jakarta. This was my first time coming here. Taxi dropped me in the opposite site. I went to buy a cigaretes in the store nearby. A guy approached me and asked if I wanted to get a college girl near by. He told me that he has many girls. I was wondering.. may be next time.. I thought I better go to Travel this time.

The lounge is the door on the left. The hotel is the door in the center. I got in to the lounge. As usual, I was given a number. When I walked into the lounge.. WOW.. about 50 girls may be.. sat down in the sofa. I looked at them.. one by one.. ok about 25% was OK. Then I grap a sit and watched some people karaoke. A pimp (mami) approached me and asked whether I want any drinks and which type of girl that I like most. About 10 minutes later the drink came and so as the girl. The pimp was really good. She brought me a good looking girl.

We talked for some times. Then she asked if I want to go upstairs. The price was 285.000. The room was clean. She gave me a quick body slide before she begun licking me.. just like a cat!!

Note: Just remember not to lose your number otherwise you have to stay over night!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grahadi Bali Wild Striptease

Finally I found striptease show in Bali. I went to grahadi karaoke in Simpang Siur area with some friends. We talked to the pimp (well just call him pimp) that we wanted a striptease show. He walked us to the karaoke room and called some girls. Different with the one inside the "aquarium". 

Mostly the girls were from Manado - North Sulawesi. They had bright skin, some had a really nice body. Body is crusial for striptease, isn't it!! We chose 2 of them. Both of them were among the favorite. They chose the song and started the dancing. They began taking off their clothes one by one until they totally naked. They sometimes did some lesbian action which was really turn me ON. 

They danced for about 20 - 30 minutes. Next they came to us. The show was ended, BUT the "work" was just started. They basically could do ANYTHING. It's just depend on the TIPS!

Girl: 400.000 each
Tips: 500.000 each

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delta Spa Clarion Hotel Makassar

This was my first time to Makassar. My local friend put me in Clarion Hotel. I would say this hotel was one of the biggest in this town. Still in the hotel complex, there's a night club (d`liquid and Retro's) and Delta Spa. I really recommend this hotel if you go to Makassar. A nice crowd night club and spa just at your door way.

I went to Delta spa about 6 PM. I really didn't have any idea what was this spa like. I meant if it was a real spa, half, or may be full. The reception informed with the services they had. One session was 45 minutes. So I decided to take 2 sessions of 1.5 hours.

Before the massage ritual, I enjoyed the jacuzzi, steam and sauna for about 30 minutes. When I was enjoying jacuzzi, I saw 3-4 girls enter an area. The girls used a really really sexy short. But I wasn't sure, if they were the massaseu.

Then I asked to enter that area where the girls entered. There was about 5 people in the (let's call it) living room. The living room completed with big screens, plasma tv, sofa, etc. I was asked to seat in one of sofa. A lady (they called her PR - Public Relation) came to me. She asked me if I wanted to change to 3 sessions with a lot of her marketing reasons. But I sticked to my decision 2 sessions. 2.25 hours would be disaster if the service wasn't enjoyable.

Next the girl came. Wow, the sexy short actually was the massasue. The massage begun as in any other massage place. The nice part begun when she massaged my butt area. She opened both of my legs. She seat between them using her knee. Then she took my right leg and put it on the top of her right leg. Did the same thing with my left leg. So now my bottom abs kind of fly, my legs were opened wide and I couldn't hide my sunhole. Some people call this superman style.

After the position was right, she started massaging. She completely massaged all area in front of her. From knee, leg, abs, balls, hole, butt, dick EVERYTHING! I felt like hmmm... I don't think there's any expression in writing.. 100 out of 100!!. Right in the middle of this felling.. TETTTT.. the bloddy phone rang. She picked up and then asked me if I wanted to extent to 3 sessions. WELL.. OF COURSE!! So then the process continued. All was done by hand. She said it wasn't allowed to do anything else but hand.

I wasn't clear enough what was meant earlier by the PR of 3 sessions. She might mentioned it in the different way. So next time, and for you guys, take 3 sessions.

I never try Delta Spa anywhere else. But I guess it should be the same everywhere. They have a lot of branch in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.

All cost 300.000 ++ (can't remember the exact amount).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hotel Malioboro Jakarta Import Girls Paradise

I went to Hotel Malioboro Jakarta months ago. I walked up the stairs and sat near the dancing table. I was really hungry and asked for nasi goreng. Right on my left, I think there are... hmmm.. 50 Chinese Girls (this is a real chinese girls! from china).. about 10 Thai Girls.. and 10 Russian Girls.

Waiting for my nasi goreng, I tried to look closer at the girls. They were about 25m away from my table. The chinese, they were all about the same. The body, the height were similar I would say. The face, some were very very pretty and some were ok. And of course their skin was my favourite.

The thai, this time they were not so good. Normally I love thai girls, but this time, most of them had dark skin and the faces were not really turn me on. The Russian, WOW.. most of them were pretty, but their body were big! One was really get my attention. She was the prettiest but still the body was quite big for me.

About 10 minutes, the sex.y dancer started. The show was really good. They were profesional. Somehow my nasi goreng didn't fell so nice anymore. The pimp came by, and AGAIN asked which one just to escort us while watched the dance.
I really confused between the chinese and russian. Overall the chinese was better, but the face certainly the russian was gorgeous. I asked whether the russian able to speak english. And she was! So I decided to take her. The pimp called her to sit beside me. We did some bull shit talking. And after some times, we took the room.

The cost: 1.500.000 for the girl. I forgot about the entering / spa fee, nasi goreng and the rest. If you look for import girls, this is the place Hotel Malioboro Jakarta. Import Girls Paradise!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bali Short Time Hotel Secrets Reveal, Sex Freelance Home

I was referenced by a friend to go to one of a mini hotel in Jl. Kebo Iwa, Denpasar, Bali. The hotel call T.A (abbreviated). I'm not so sure whether it's a hotel, hostel or motel but let's call it a sex hotel as it is the home of sex freelance. Right in the left hand side (west), about 50m from the intersection of Jl. Gatot Subroto. 
drag the map to your right a little.

I got off my car, then approached a lady who was in the store inside the hotel. This hotel only has not more than 10 rooms. Most of them don't have air conditioner. As my friend told me, I introduced myself as a friend of him. The lady seemed quite scare to really talk about girls at the begining when she didn't know who I was. Well the risk is quite high, she can go to jail if get caught selling girls. So she must make sure that you are not police undercover.

There are two things you could do here. First, you bring your own girl/s and just rent the room. It's quite cheap really. Short time 35.000 no air con, 50.000 with air con. It's funny when I tried to get the room for one whole day. The lady always said they're full. But there's always room for shortime. Do you think this is a real hotel then? or a place to fk?

Second, if you don't have time to pick up girls, you can ask the lady to call one/some of them. Sex freelance girls who know the lady, normally leave their contact with the lady. She will describe and tell you the price. 

Continue to my story.. I decided to take a balinese high school girl for 350.000. I was wondering.. is she really a high school girl.. I waited about 30 minutes. The room was complete with tv and dvd player (include some hard core movies). And a young girl knocked on the door. My first thought she was young, but I doubted she still in high school. After some talking, I found out, she was studied in one of high schools near by. She supposed to graduate last year, but she didn't pass. She was about 19 years old.

High school / college girls are favourite in this place. They only "work" during their free time. For high school girls, maximum 7.00 PM otherwise their parents will knock on your door. Some of them go to school in the morning and some in the afternoon. Just be there between 10 - 17.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bali Complete Sex Destination Guide

NEW! Bali X Map [updated 30.12.11]

I try to give a complete sex guide while you are in Bali. I'll update this article continously.

You can find some types of sex experience in Bali:
  1. "Legal" Prostitute
  2. Massage Plus / Sex Massage
  3. Salon Plus / Sex Salon
  4. "Coffee Shop" / Cafe Remang - Remang
  5. Karaoke
  6. Freelance
  7. Escort [added 31.05.11]
"Legal" Prostitute

There are some famous areas in Bali that has been declared as "legal" localisation. But if you don't mind spending min. 150.000, I would say Sanur Semawang is the best. The rest are cheaper but the quality is worst. Semawang is a name of village within Sanur area. There are some nice hotels such as Mercure and Sanur Beach Hotel in the area. A lot nice cafe and bars are in the area as well. The beach (Semawang Beach) is also very nice especially on sun rise (as the beach facing east).

So where are the girls? There are two ways to find the girls. You can go to a bungalow (small hotel) and ask the staff to find you a girl or girls. Just describe how the girl you like most. About 15 minutes, he will come with some choices. If you like you can take, but if you don't just ask him to get more.

Some bungalow you could visit:
Second, you can go to a showroom. Choose the girl, take her/s, then go to a hotel. This way you can choose from more than 50 girls (depends on time). Showrooms you can go:
  • 18X in Jl. Danau Poso (Behind Circle K - in front of 67X above maps: -8.70542,115.254564) price:150.000 - 200.000
  • Jl. Sekar Waru 3B. From Circle K, you take right. You go toward the big street (Bypass Ngurah Rai). The street is on the left not far. Maybe the first or second street on the left. Just find number 3B. It's like a small road. Just get in, and the showroom is in your left. Maps:-8.706459,115.253448. Price:200.000 - 250.000
  • Jl. Sekar Waru 11B price:200.000 - 250.000 Maps:-8.706459,115.253448 [added in 13 March 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting Office, take the first street on the right. Number 4A. price:150.000 - 200.000 Maps:-8.703214,115.257697 [added in 13 March 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting, go a long the street, number 5X. All from East Java. Price 130.000. *very tight br br* Maps:-8.702854,115.256023 [added in 26 June 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting , number 10X. varied east and west java. Price 160.000,- [added 01.06.11]
Price of Girls: 150.000 - 250.000
Price of Bungalow: 30.000 - 70.000
Massage Plus / Sex Massage

You should try this if you like being massage erotically and not JUST SEX! [edited 22.04.11]
I have write about some places you can go for having massage plus. Let me again list them here:
Please search this place in Bali X Map or use the search field on the top left.

There are a lot more, I know I know. I'll update the list. None of places in Bali have a complete PLUS service. I mean you have to deal the PLUS part with the massasue. The front desk or customer service never knows if there is a PLUS service. It's quite different with some places such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Makasar that I've experienced.

In Bali, you HAVE TO ASK. If you are lucky, some them will get you ON by touching the sensitive area while they massage. But some of them might refuse, even you promise to give good money.

Tips: ASK THE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I oftenly ask, which is the favorite one, which has the most guest. Best Tips: ASK THE MALE MASSASUE. Most the places have foot massage with male massasue. Get a foot massage first, then ask the guy, which one is the best for PLUS. They oftenly honest compare to the customer service.

Price IN : 50.000 - 250.000 (depend on the massage service and room)
Tips Extra: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)

Salon Plus / Sex Salon

They are really similar with Massage Plus above. You NEED TO ASK them. Some of places you can visit:
  • Mawar Salon (Google Maps: -8.721285,115.181973)
  • Angel Salon (-8.721285,115.181973)
Both are in old BIMC stores, Simpang Siur. If you are from Tuban / Airport, the stores on the left before you turn to Jl. Setiabudi.

Price IN : 50.000 - 250.000 (depend on the massage service and room)
Tips Extra: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)

[added 01.04.11] You can also try this Rosalinda

Coffee Shop / Cafe Remang-Remang

Up Heaven (Google Maps: -8.749175,115.182917) is an example of lux Coffee Shop. But by the time I write this article, I think it's still closed. The idea is relax and enjoy the drink while girls escort us. Girls can do some extra at some cost. The price is varied. Really depends on your negotiation. You can do it there, or at the hotel.

Complex of Cafe Remang-remang you can find in Matahari Terbit Beach.

Price of Drinks: Normal Bar Price

Price of Girls: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)


Singing is great to release stress. It's even better if escort with some girls. Who's disagree? Some famous places:

Grahadi Karaoke - Jl. By Pass Ngurai Rai - Tuban (Google Maps: -8.724912,115.181415)
Blue Eyes Karaoke - Jl. By Pass Ngurai Rai - Sanur (-8.705971,115.243793)
Bintang Karaoke - Jl. Teuku Umar - Denpasar (-8.67477,115.208495)
Akasaka Karaoke - Jl. Teuku Umar - Denpasar (-8.676657,115.206993)

You wont need map. All taxi drivers know this place. Normally you spend money most in Karaoke. First you need to open bottle to get the girls drunk a bit otherwise I won't be fun. Second the girls are not whore (well FULL TIME WHORE MAYBE?). Some are colleges students, store keeper, sales, etc. So you pay more. And most of them are considered prettier and cleaner compare to above experiences.

Price of Drinks: Lux Bar Price
Price of Girls: 1.000.000 - 2.500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)


In Kuta they are easy to find. In Legian Street, around Poppies Lane 2, from Embargo to Paddy's Club, especially at night, they stand in the walkway. Normally they ask for massage. And normally their target is foreigner. If you look Indonesian, normally you won't be disturbed. Price is varied, depends on negotiation.

You can also find in newspaper in the Iklan Baris area. Find something with massage and call them. Just confirm them, can you do "full massage"?. Normally they put, full body massage to boy by boy, or to girl by boy, well something like that. You won't miss it.

Read this for your reference:
Bounty Bali Night to Remember

Price: 200.000 - 500.000

Escort Girls [added 31.05.11]

If you look for more intimate type of girl, you might want to try this service. I wrote down the details in this article.
Cost: 1.500.000 - 2.500.000

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Body Arum Sensational Massage in Bali

Another sensasional massage has arrived in Bali.

The place is a salon with massage services. It’s quite a small place but cozy. It’s has one complete room (with bathup and shower inside) in the ground floor and about 3 room in the 2nd floor. I haven’t been to the 3rd floor.

The massage is really different. I never experience such a sensational massage in another places. The service called Sensational Massage Service. It’s a 2.5 hour massage, complete with scrub, flower bath, fruit and juice. Anyway, the mango juice was really fresh and nice.

The massage began from feet with the body facing down. The sensational part began when it reached the leg. She somehow reached the edge of “the hole” very very soft and kept doing it for minutes. She kept me ON by doing the sensational “hole” touch every 5 minutes. DAMN!. I felt that I can’t hold it anymore.

The massage continued to my back. She pressed from bottom to the top at the center of my back. After reached the top, she moved her finger to the edge of my body and slipped them a little (it was like reaching my front body from the back). And then moved the finger to the my hip. It felt like she wanted to get part of my dick. Do you get what I mean? Hmm.. I wish I could video this.. and again.. she kept doing it every 5 minutes. You can’t RELAX!!

After all the back part finished, I turned around. Massage began from the feet as usual. The fun part when it reached my leg. She massaged from the leg to the bottom of my balls. And when she massaged my abs, she ACCIDENTLY touched my dick. But she kept doing it for some times.

The massage then continued with hands, face and head. After finished all that, I asked to get in to the bathup. She didn’t let me to open my underware when I got in to the bathup. And this was a very bad indicator! And the indicator was right, this place doesn’t allow “extra service”. DAMN!! But it is good to rush your adrenalin.

Their Contact:

Body Arum Massage 

Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya 38C Renon