Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hotel Alexis Jakarta - Nudist MOST WELCOME Club

Bali might be quite a boring place for nudist fans, but certainly not for Jakarta. I was in Jakarta for almost 2 weeks. When I got there earlier december, most (may be all) of clubs which normally has striptease, change their striptease show with some modern dance. Some said because of the new porn regulation. WTF!! It's just a show, I won't rape anyone because of the show? Clubbing is expensive. People inside is young executive who has money and brain, not people who live in rubbish areas.

That time, I think that it won't be long for the striptease show to stop. And I was right. Second week of desember, I went to alexis hotel, striptease show begun!! It's just a little different.

I went with 5 friends of mine. We take the packet of two bottles of Black Label with some softdrinks. I think it's about 2 - 3 millions. Cant remember the exact number. A waiter found us a table right in the middle of bar and man's toilet. Perfect spot. There were about 5 girls striptease along the big stage and 3 girls in the block behind us. The girls are indonesian, pretty, yellow bright skin, good body and PERFECT BOOPS!!. They put their bra and thong along the show. Just before they finish, they lined up in the big stage, off their bra and dancing about 30 second. We asked one of the girl to do lap dancing in our table. She came to each of us one by one.

The Competition

The event for that night was I would say Nude Factor Competition. Similar with fear factor in AXN. It's just about getting nude. The first winner will get a bottle of Black Label. The second and third I think a tequilla. People were asked to get on stage. I think about 5 men and 5 women got on state. To be a winner, they have to be more wild (naked) than others. The audience will then decide who is wilder than who. It's really really FUN!

At last there were 1 man using only his underpant, 1 woman totally naked and dancing really wild! and the last 1 woman using only her underpant as well (she has a really really nice breast!!). The naked woman was the winner.

Girls Girls
We were approached by three gorgious "real" chinese girls. Their bodies are PERFECT! Their height about 170. It's just the language, they only knew mandarin. A friend of mine in fact knew one of them. They joined us drinking and dancing. Later another two local chinese girls joined us as well. OF COURSE, they are not as good as the real one. 


mark said...

Hi, great blog, please keep it up! Know any good upmarket places in Bali for massage (like an upmarket spa) but with a few "extras" too?!?


Bro.. try UPHEAVEN.. I wrote them in my blog as well.. They just recently re-opened yesterday..