Sunday, November 23, 2008

Up Heaven (now Pelangi) Tuban Bali


This place is in newspaper Radar Bali TODAY!! I would say this place is the wildest place in Bali (publicly open) today.

I went there last saturday about 11.30 PM. The place is in TUBAN near Ngurah Rai Airport. If you go from Denpasar, after the Ngurai Rai Statue on the left side. You'll see a flip flop red light and a blue signage Up Heaven Lounge and Spa. You can park the car behind. 

The lounge is not too big, I think it's only about 10 sofas. We sat at the front corner facing the DJ. I think the best spot. We got a bit lucky. Some girls then came and sat beside us. They were not too bad, but not too good either. Just OK. Their attitude were really nice BTW. I was informed that there are about 4 girls from Jakarta, and the rest are working in Bali before.

Then about 12 AM, 4 gorgoius girls striptease in the floor. They still put their bra and tongs. I was informed that they normally naked. May be I wasn't that luckly. They dance about 15 minutes and started to go to audience for lap dancing.

After the striptease, girl who's with me, ask whether I like to go "spa" downstair. I wasn't in the mood that day, so I said no. But I will next time. I'll update this article when I do.

Tariff: 500rb ALL INCLUDED

The idea is you spend some times with the girl, so you get to know her better, before you go "spa" with her. 



Ben said...

uncle..all great infor..but appreciate if you can list addresss so that we can find our way


The place is now called Pelangi.

It's kinda hard to spot a place by its address in Bali. Mostly the numbering are random.

Here is the map

Address is in Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Tuban. If you go by cab, tell the cab, about 1 KM South of Ngurah Rai Statue on the east side of the road.


ups the map link got cut.. just drag your mouse from the http:// till the end ..72.69

you'll get the whole complete url..

shyps said...

Hi Uncle,

Is the place still open (and still called Pelangi) and is there a certain day that you have to go or are all days the same.

Is it a bar with locals or for western. Can I go there by myself or is it more advisable to go with some friends?

Also let me know if you know a gorgeous looking girl that's looking for some action and/or massage.

UNCLE G said...

Hi Shy,

it's like a cafe but darker than usual. No one bother if you come alone or many. I noticed there are some tourist but not many. I think no one give a damn whether you are tourist or local.

Basically, you come in, grap a seat. The pimp will introduce you with some girls. Just relax enjoy the drink with them. When you fell comfortable with one of them, ask her to go downstair. Oftenly they ask you if you like to go spa. Spa here means getting fak. No massage here.

It was 500.000 rupiah, I think it's still the same. Just ask them to make sure.

I don't have any names, it's been a while I haven't been to this place.


UNCLE G said...

sorry miss your first questions, about a month ago, I met the manager and he said it's opened. A lot of new girls. Any days will be the same as they scare to show the striptease nowadays.

padster said...

Can u give us any landmarks to look for. Plz. The Map link comes up with nothing. Thanks for a really good blogg

UNCLE G said...

the closest landmark is Ngurah Rai Statue..

GPS / Google Maps:

F Bob said...

Thanks! I found it and it was great.

I've started a google map with some of the good spots on...

The map is open for anyone to add and edit info. just be logged in to your google-account

F Bob said...

Map address is as follows:

From Here-->
115644762339833775646.00047854a7533bd38b3e7 <--To here

UNCLE G said...

good job bro.. just wondering.. why melati balloon is yellow instead of green? hihihi

David said...

Hi Uncle G

What is working hours of this Pelangi? Do they open in morning time like 11 am? or they only open in night time?

UNCLE G said...

open from 16:00 - 3:00. CMIIW pls.

Richie said...

Thanks Bob for the info and quick reply. Is everywhere there mainly "short time". I dont want professional escorts, but to get a girl in the evening and her to stay until the next day is what Im looking for, also is it common, or easy to find 2 girls together who will stay the night for threesome? Where do you think are the best places to find this?
Thanks again and if you send me your email I will buy you a couple of beers when Im there - it wont be until mid January but I want to have everything planned. My email is Thanks again!!

UNCLE G said...

for 3some, you can have it at this place (pelangi) also. Yeah it's common enough, don't worry.

alternatively, you can go to Sanur, read in "legal" section..

ask the taxi driver to take you there.. In sanur overnight charge around 1.5 - 2 million..

Rod said...

looking for good short time place in Tuban to escape the family and indulge myself.
Any suggestions, prices?

UNCLE G said...

This is the right place. the name now is pelangi.

Chen said...

Davo says, dude! Thanks for the heads up for this place! Was nice!
Was wondering If i wanted to call up a few "nicer" girls for my clients that comes to bali and is sick of ugly fatty or stuckup types, do you have any pimpy friend that are good? Or can at least Make a good recommendation?

Thanks man!

UNCLE G said...

sorry man.. can't help you on that..

dave said...

WARNING! I got robbed by the staff here tonight, I would NOT recommend this place. Girl I was with wasnt willing to do anything because I was 'too big' (which isnt true, im not small, but im not huge at all). I ended up wanking onto her boobs callled it a night and got dress.I was just about ready to go before I noticed my phone and 500,0000 I had in my pocket missing. I started to freak out, searched the room with the girl and found nothing. She took me back upstairs and asked around and nobody knew anything. I searched the couch I was sitting at inside and out to no avail. Staff said lets call the taxi you took (he walked me to the door for his cut, so they had his number) but I kept saying no no no I had it in here, but let them call him because it was nowhere to be found at the time. They phoned him and said he was coming, to which I asked 'does he have it?' and they just said he is coming. So i waited around 10 minutes and cabbie pulled up and 3 of the security ran up to him yelling in indo and he looked really taken aback. I searched the cab and of course nothing there, and I kept telling security no no no I had it inside so they finally said OK come back we will look together. Security took me back downstairs, the whole time me saying it's not there I searched hi and low. Of course it wasnt downstairs. Then we walked back upstairs to the couch I was sitting at, buddy stuck his hand in the couch (where I already had searched thoroughly) and pulled out my phone. At that point I was just ecstatic to find my phone that I wasn't able to piece things together. Once I was back in the cab discussing the incident, we both came to the conclusion that one of the staff must have taken it from my pocket or maybe even the girl, and once I kept putting up a stink they got cold feet and put the phone back so they could pretend to find it. adkgjshflasdkjfasdfasd. ultimtately it was my own fault for not being more careful, but there is no way in hell I could or would ever recommend this place to anybody. Even without the 'incident' the session was the worst I have ever had. I'm a clean cut decent looking guy who has *never* had a problem with ladies so I don't think it was me, she just really didn't want to be there :(

Sorry for the long post! I just got back and am still shaking.....hopefully you all have better luck pooning in bali in the future :)

UNCLE G said...

Thanks for sharing dave.. really sad to hear this kind of thing happen in bali..

Robbie F said...

The place has been tagged on Poon-World, including an exact map location:
Hopefully this is of use for someone reading this. It seems to be a good place to keep the latest updates together also.

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