Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Star Bugar Jaya - Affordable Clean Massage and Spa

STAR BUGAR HAS MOVED! Check the Bali X Map for location.

This is one of my favorite massage destinations. The place is clean *important!!* The room, pillow, mattress: they all are clean and smell nice. 

You can choose the massage girl in a kind of "human aquarium" *my term only*. It's better to see the real girl who you will spend next hours with than seeing a picture of face like most place is.

They have 2 vip rooms with the same cost at the end of each aisle. The vip room has a door and lock.

The bad thing about this place, they don't have a standard massage type. Each massasue has their own style of massage. Some of them are good, and some are bad. 

Most of them can do some extra work at some cost.

Tips: ask the reception if you want to have strong or light massage and ask them to recommend the massasue who can do that. It sometimes work. Yes it's not ALWAYS WORK.


Nikko said...

Hi all,

This is a very nice place to get a massage and something 'extra'.

Very very clean...

Try number 39, her name is Dian... nice gal from Jawa. damn she good :). the extra also is superb!

UNCLE G said...

coolll.. I think I tried her.. but the name was different.. hmm..

Nikko said...

thanks uncle G for all the tips.. hehehe.. anyway will visit Bali again if got the chance.

Hopefully uncle G will provide more info coz i might ditch Kuta for Sanur.

fishfly said...

Star Bugar Jaya has always provided me with good service with a good attitude. Clean and friendly.

bali said...

Hello Boys,

Yesterday I was little bored so i thought i would go get some Balinese massage.
I went downtown sanur, the main street where all the x houses are. I saw a little salon in the strip. Little place near the polo shop and circle K. So i parked the car and went in.

Massage for Rp 50 , so i thought why not wasnt looking for anything special just a nice one hour massage.

The Girl was good so I chatted for a little bit and asked the usual questions. Flirted a bit and got the hint i could get some extras here.

So she massaged me and the thought of me getting some extra's made me hard as hell.

So we joked for a little bit and i held her had and pushed it down to my manhood. She was surprised but didn't mind.

She started rubbing my man with oil and it was like utopia. Then i thought I would go bit further i got and touched her nice rounded breast and while see played with me and then i went further to kiss her which was wonderful..

Boys it was a good time.

Msg- Rp50
Tip - Rp50

Daniel Danadi said...

mr. bali

just asking .. where in sanur you're talking about? is it near jalan danau poso or near jalan danau tamblingan ... is it near hardy's .. thanks a lot ..

bad3dabone said...

what is the price for standard massage at star bugar?

ripcurlholic said...


Where is exactly star kuta bugar.. I couldn't found it last night :( even my gps came out with nothing


UNCLE G said...

coordinate google maps: -8.69893,115.177338

Paul said...

Anyone been there lately. Wondering what the latest prices are ? in july 2010 it cost me $60,000 plus whatever i paid the girl. she asked for 300,000 for hand job, but i negotiated to 200,000.


berne said...

I go there last month

and the girl offer me 300rb for HJ

because the time is so tight that i need to go to airport so i say no.
but i think it's expensive with that price compare to the room (very small)n facility

Dakmat said...

Hey uncle G, thnx 4 ur advice!

Can I hav sex here or just HJ n massage?

I realy want to have a bare bj!
Wil the agree to that for some extra cost?

mr.cee said...

last week i came to this place.. star bugar.. but it was a nightmare, i mean, really nightmare!!! first it cost 300k rupiah for 1 hour massage, and i ask the girl for kind of HJ for 200k, BJ for 800k (what the heck!!) and ML for 1mil. so i choose nothing.

SPOCianz!!! said...

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starblog said...

Just came back from the spa, the girls selection was ok (kinda impressive thou). Paid Rp400k for 2 hours session, half way through we started negotiating for extras. Pricelist was, HJ about Rp300k, BJ about Rp800k & endless fuck for ripped off but was late (about 10pm), so i let her (no.65) walk the dog

Mr. Y said...

this place is known for rather expensive for the extra service and the massage service was not too good

Mr. Y said...

this place is known for rather expensive for the extra service and the massage service was not too good

Albert Rodgers said...

hi anyone of you guys been for extras with girl called siska who was recommended to me if so how was your experience? and dose she go all the way?