Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kuta Bugar Jl. Setiabudi Kuta Bali

Kuta bugar massage is located in Jalan Setiabudi. It's very similar with Star Bugar Jaya in Sunset Road. In fact from the girls I heard, they are still family?

The building is quite old but clean. Matress and pillow are clean also. But I found once or twice the smell of pillow not nice. They have 2 kind of room or may be 3 now not sure. The different are the door and lock, toilet inside. To get more privacy OF COURSE you have to pay more.

You choose the girl from *human aquarium* also like in Star Bugar Jaya. There is also no standard massage, it's really depend on the individual girl. They can do some extra work with some cost.

Ask the reception for recommendations.

Star Bugar Jaya - Affordable Clean Massage and Spa

STAR BUGAR HAS MOVED! Check the Bali X Map for location.

This is one of my favorite massage destinations. The place is clean *important!!* The room, pillow, mattress: they all are clean and smell nice. 

You can choose the massage girl in a kind of "human aquarium" *my term only*. It's better to see the real girl who you will spend next hours with than seeing a picture of face like most place is.

They have 2 vip rooms with the same cost at the end of each aisle. The vip room has a door and lock.

The bad thing about this place, they don't have a standard massage type. Each massasue has their own style of massage. Some of them are good, and some are bad. 

Most of them can do some extra work at some cost.

Tips: ask the reception if you want to have strong or light massage and ask them to recommend the massasue who can do that. It sometimes work. Yes it's not ALWAYS WORK.