Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hotel Alexis Jakarta - Nudist MOST WELCOME Club

Bali might be quite a boring place for nudist fans, but certainly not for Jakarta. I was in Jakarta for almost 2 weeks. When I got there earlier december, most (may be all) of clubs which normally has striptease, change their striptease show with some modern dance. Some said because of the new porn regulation. WTF!! It's just a show, I won't rape anyone because of the show? Clubbing is expensive. People inside is young executive who has money and brain, not people who live in rubbish areas.

That time, I think that it won't be long for the striptease show to stop. And I was right. Second week of desember, I went to alexis hotel, striptease show begun!! It's just a little different.

I went with 5 friends of mine. We take the packet of two bottles of Black Label with some softdrinks. I think it's about 2 - 3 millions. Cant remember the exact number. A waiter found us a table right in the middle of bar and man's toilet. Perfect spot. There were about 5 girls striptease along the big stage and 3 girls in the block behind us. The girls are indonesian, pretty, yellow bright skin, good body and PERFECT BOOPS!!. They put their bra and thong along the show. Just before they finish, they lined up in the big stage, off their bra and dancing about 30 second. We asked one of the girl to do lap dancing in our table. She came to each of us one by one.

The Competition

The event for that night was I would say Nude Factor Competition. Similar with fear factor in AXN. It's just about getting nude. The first winner will get a bottle of Black Label. The second and third I think a tequilla. People were asked to get on stage. I think about 5 men and 5 women got on state. To be a winner, they have to be more wild (naked) than others. The audience will then decide who is wilder than who. It's really really FUN!

At last there were 1 man using only his underpant, 1 woman totally naked and dancing really wild! and the last 1 woman using only her underpant as well (she has a really really nice breast!!). The naked woman was the winner.

Girls Girls
We were approached by three gorgious "real" chinese girls. Their bodies are PERFECT! Their height about 170. It's just the language, they only knew mandarin. A friend of mine in fact knew one of them. They joined us drinking and dancing. Later another two local chinese girls joined us as well. OF COURSE, they are not as good as the real one. 

Grahadi Massage Bali

It's been a while I never been to Grahadi Massage. The last time I went, wasn't so good. A friend told me they renovated the place, so I think I should give it a try.

I think they have no more than 20 girls. None of them clicked. I asked the reception and gave me the "magic" number. I tried vip room for 80.000. Normal room is 50.000.

The vip room has its own shower, the bed is bigger and has a door (important!!). Queen size I think. The massage was standard. 

100rb Tips for "Extra Massage"
300rb Tips for you doing the massage (200rb if you get lucky)

Repeat ORDER, I would say NO.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Up Heaven (now Pelangi) Tuban Bali


This place is in newspaper Radar Bali TODAY!! I would say this place is the wildest place in Bali (publicly open) today.

I went there last saturday about 11.30 PM. The place is in TUBAN near Ngurah Rai Airport. If you go from Denpasar, after the Ngurai Rai Statue on the left side. You'll see a flip flop red light and a blue signage Up Heaven Lounge and Spa. You can park the car behind. 

The lounge is not too big, I think it's only about 10 sofas. We sat at the front corner facing the DJ. I think the best spot. We got a bit lucky. Some girls then came and sat beside us. They were not too bad, but not too good either. Just OK. Their attitude were really nice BTW. I was informed that there are about 4 girls from Jakarta, and the rest are working in Bali before.

Then about 12 AM, 4 gorgoius girls striptease in the floor. They still put their bra and tongs. I was informed that they normally naked. May be I wasn't that luckly. They dance about 15 minutes and started to go to audience for lap dancing.

After the striptease, girl who's with me, ask whether I like to go "spa" downstair. I wasn't in the mood that day, so I said no. But I will next time. I'll update this article when I do.

Tariff: 500rb ALL INCLUDED

The idea is you spend some times with the girl, so you get to know her better, before you go "spa" with her. 


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kuta Timur Resort Massage and Spa

I would say this place is one of the oldest PANTI PIJAT in Bali. CMIIW plz. Few of the girls have been in here since more than 10 years ago. 

I went here the other day. I got a***i to massage me.  The "shocking part" was begin very early. She asked me whether I need help to open my cloths. As a man, I have to say, YES PLEASE. Anyone doesn't need help? And she somehow "accidently" touch MR.D by her face. Then the massage begun ...

The massage was good, strong enough. 

I would say this girl is WILD. 

This place has no standard service. It really depends on the girls and their mood.

50rb Massage Only
100rb Tips for "Extra Massage"
300rb Tips for you doing the massage (200rb if you get lucky)

Some girls only do real massage. You can ask them whether she will do extra before the massage begin. Mostly they are.

This tariff really depends on your negotiation and of course the girl. If the girl likes you, you might get paid haha. If she doesn't like you, she won't do it even you give her $^6.


Jegeg Bulan Spa [ex] Kuta Sauna Massage Spa


Last weekend I went to Jegeg Bulan Spa in Bypass Ngurah Rai. If you go from Tuban or Nusa Dua (South), after you pass Kuta Timur Resort on the left site, before Circle K. 

The place is quite small compare they were before (Kuta Sauna - in Jl Setiabudi). But it's not too bad. The massage cost 50rb. The receiption was so active giving me the recommendation. But I took my time browsing the photo album. And finally I chose one of her recommendation.

Massage was good, strong enough. The girl was friendly and very polite. The building is three floor. The massage is on second and third floor. I was on the second floor that day. It's only a cotton blind between me and the next guy. Knowing that, it's quite fun really.

50rb Massage Only
100rb Tips for "Extra Massage"
300rb Tips for you doing the massage

This tariff really depends on your negotiation and of course the girl. If the girl likes you, you might get paid haha. If she doesn't like you, she won't do it even you give her $^6.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kuta Bugar Jl. Setiabudi Kuta Bali

Kuta bugar massage is located in Jalan Setiabudi. It's very similar with Star Bugar Jaya in Sunset Road. In fact from the girls I heard, they are still family?

The building is quite old but clean. Matress and pillow are clean also. But I found once or twice the smell of pillow not nice. They have 2 kind of room or may be 3 now not sure. The different are the door and lock, toilet inside. To get more privacy OF COURSE you have to pay more.

You choose the girl from *human aquarium* also like in Star Bugar Jaya. There is also no standard massage, it's really depend on the individual girl. They can do some extra work with some cost.

Ask the reception for recommendations.

Star Bugar Jaya - Affordable Clean Massage and Spa

STAR BUGAR HAS MOVED! Check the Bali X Map for location.

This is one of my favorite massage destinations. The place is clean *important!!* The room, pillow, mattress: they all are clean and smell nice. 

You can choose the massage girl in a kind of "human aquarium" *my term only*. It's better to see the real girl who you will spend next hours with than seeing a picture of face like most place is.

They have 2 vip rooms with the same cost at the end of each aisle. The vip room has a door and lock.

The bad thing about this place, they don't have a standard massage type. Each massasue has their own style of massage. Some of them are good, and some are bad. 

Most of them can do some extra work at some cost.

Tips: ask the reception if you want to have strong or light massage and ask them to recommend the massasue who can do that. It sometimes work. Yes it's not ALWAYS WORK.