Monday, July 21, 2014

Delta Bali - Spa Karaoke Hotel - Best Spa Facilities in Bali

Finally I got the chance to try the latest massage parlour in town.. Delta.. It is huge! with more than 75 masseurs.. If you have been to other delta in other cities.. this one here is very similar.. or a little better I would say.. best of all.. they have underground parking! you can park your fancy car there without hassle..

Delta in Bali is located in Jalan Dewi Sri, Legian.. please visit their website for detail location: .. Delta here is a complete entertainment place. it has discotheque, karaoke, spa and hotel in one place. The hotel is not ready at this moment of writing, but karaoke and spa are fully opened..

I went to the karaoke last weekend.. given room delta 07 (cant remember exactly).. the room was really new.. the smell of the plywood, glue, paint, etc were so strong!.. after some times.. getting cooler by the aircon.. smell became lighter.. but.. still too strong for me.. my eyes didn't feel good..

the room was free.. we had 4 bottles of martell for 5m.. 6 girls for 600k each.. room and sound qualities are ok.. for girls.. hard to say.. really differ between 6 of them.. some love to get drunk.. some just kept avoiding the bottle.. we were quiet shocked when we saw the bill.. it ended up total 12m.. the one i noticed was the dancers for 1.2m.. there were few sexy dancers came in to our room.. not long.. they gone.. and this was cost 1.2m!.. please don't take this.. not worth 1.2m..

this weekend i went to their spa..  really love the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.. they were all well maintain and clean.. they even have some light fitness equipment.. the spa lobby at the 2nd floor.. nice cozy ambiance.. massage room in the 3rd floor.. i was asked 2 diff prices.. almost 900k both.. until I requested for cheaper price.. then she told me about the 600k service.. i think the different between the 600k and 900k was the room type and those massage services like ear etc.. you can only ask the girl if you know their number..

massage normal.. please read this for more review.. very similar with this one.. just a little worst..

total massage cost 600k..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bangkok Tarawadee Bitch at The Prettiest

Sorry.. got to share about this place in Bangkok.. Bali is quite boring these days :)

Just got back from Bangkok a month ago.. Damn I love Bangkok !! What I love most is the girl (OF COURSE).. I can spend hours in the Malls drinking coffee.. especially the one near the University.. sorry forgot the name! oh man! cant wait for my next trip..

enough said.. let's get to the main part.. I went to this place called Tarawadee..

Look at the size of it.. I stayed in Indra Hotel near Mall of Bangkok.. took about less than 30 mins to get there by cab.. 300 baht to go there at night.. but we only pay 100 baht on our way back.. taxi always shit in Bangkok..

I've been to some whore places.. mostly in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney where I spend most of my time.. BUT Tarawadee had the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS !! They were all Thai girl.. crazy gorgeous.. god damn !! They have some price of girls.. they grouped by their price.. the prettiest and most expensive one is 4000 baht..

The service however was just standard.. started with bathing.. spend some times in bathtub.. went to bed.. well pretty standard.. one drawback.. my girl can't speak English at all! .. I had to use google translate most of the time.. apart from using body language.. or even dicky language haha..

if you guys are going to visit Bangkok.. this place is a MUST!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maharani Body Slide Massage

wow.. my last post was 6 month ago! anyone go to the new delta spa?

Let's talk about maharani spa.. They have 2 branches that I know of.. one in jalan ida bagus mantra and other in jalan gatot subroto (gatsu) barat.. I'll update the bali x map for the one in gatsu barat which I went last time..

For those of you that have a "unique" car.. easy to notice by your family especially your wife haha.. this place is quite good.. small quite street.. about 300m from the big main gatsu road.. big parking space..

they have about 4 different services.. I can't remember exactly what they are.. normal massage.. just hand job.. with body slide.. I was recommended to take the 350k one.. photos are shown in the lcd monitor.. less than 10 girls.. quality I would say.. 4-6 haha.. sorry mate.. but yeah that's it.. I took a young one.. ok face.. a bit fat.. cubby.. early 20th..

the room about 3x3 size with bathup, shower, sofa and mattress on the floor (no bed).. took a quick shower then lay on the bed.. started with a real massage on our back.. continued with body slide.. my girl was quite fat and that fat felt good!.. she massaged my sun hole really nice.. (important part!).. turn back.. continued with body slide.. from head to toe I was rubbed by her pussy and boobs.. not like the other places.. here.. or at least this girl.. asked me to touch her.. felt so gooddd.. finally ended with hand job.. we did some chit chat which brought me there again two day after..

second time
earlier.. she told me to bring condom so we can fuck.. and mention to bring more tips.. so here I go.. once entering the room.. we rushed to fuck each other.. ohhh man.. she was a good fucker!!

I would come back again for sure..

Damage cost
350k for massage
100k for tips (no fuck)
300k for tips (w/ fuck)

Remember to get the lastest Popular Mag.. Aura Kasih so SEXY..

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Riverview Spa Legian Bali

It has been a boring sex life for months.. no new sex attraction in bali.. a lot of new places.. but same kind of boring services, facilities even worst..

Up until a month ago I heard about this new luxury place called Riverview Spa.. it's on the side of river in Legian area in Jalan Sri Kresna.. I have put the exact location on our Bali X Map

I went on saturday night around 7pm.. the lobby was really nice.. i sat down in sofa and served with some jelly drink.. ayu, the receptionist, explained me with the services they have.. they have 3 types of services..

1. 1.7mio - 2 hrs - 2 girls - the sex starts from the pool to the bed.. full service
2.  950k - 1.5 hrs - 1 girls - the sex starts from jacuzzi.. full service
3. 450k - 1 hrs - 1 girls - massage and finish with hand job

I really wanted to try the 1.7mio one.. look "challenging".. with two girls in the pool? hmmm.. yummy.. but i didn't feel right to spend to much on the first time.. so i took 950k one..

I was taken to the 2nd floor.. and 3 girls introduced to me.. oh man.. they were really really below my expectation.. they were like star bugar type of girl.. the ok one.. look to be the youngest one.. cant do the full service.. only hand job.. OMG.. well WTF..

the room was so nice.. the best room so far.. big bed.. really nice interior design.. so damn cool.. we started bathing at bathtub.. basically cleaning my dick.. then went to bed.. started the back massage.. BAD!.. no sensational massage at all.. turned.. continued massage and hand job.. then faking.. really nothing... nothing at all.. considered BAD! .. all the beautiful facilities were gone.. they didn't match with the services.. i only took 45 minutes.. minus the bathtub, chitcat.. massage and faking only took 30 minutes!

as always.. the girls!.. from the way she cleaned her body and hand.. I got a feeling that this girl still new.. never doing this kind of thing before.. even she looked quite old.. around late 30.. is it really difficult to find the right girl in Bali? then IMPORT from jakarta! aiahh.. I speak like I know this business hahaha..

well my conclusion.. this will be the best place.. if they could find the right girl.. the room, facilities are at BEST.. but for now.. I would rather go somewhere else..

they said they going to have grand opening on the 4th.. let's visit and have a look.. 

DAMAGE COST: 950k + 10% tax + 3% credit card.. this 10% and the 3% should NOT be there.. this is illegal.. why we have to pay tax.. and 3% settlement fee? ahh.. just my stupid opinion..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nights of Fun in Makassar - My Place - Studio 33

Thanks to one of Mr S Aksa company who offered me a free cost of fun to Makassar. Let's start to the main part! We stayed in Arya Duta Hotel which facing the City of Makassar sign.. really nice view.. the sun shrink on the sea behind around the hotel I saw a lot of karaokes, massages but they look quite dirty.. lower class I guess..

There were so many ideas where we could shoot our virgin gun on this first night.. and finally.. we divided into 2 groups.. I accidently went to follow the group to My Place Spa.. But I had no regrets!.. We walked into the changing room.. put everything into the locker.. and jumped to the jacuzzi.. they have about 3 or 4 pools.. 1 pretty big where you can actually swim.. 1 hot where we spent most of the time.. 1 cool which shrinking everybody's dick.. I think the other 1 was full so we didn't go there.. they also have sauna and steam room.. this area is large.. really cozy.. why don't we have something like this in bali !?

after.. we wait in the waiting room.. complete with the big screen.. foods and drinks.. not for long.. our room was ready.. and I was the last one to go up.. and lucky I had the best girl haha.. Her name was Made.. YES.. she happens to be Balinese! .. what a coincidence.. she is good looking.. perfect body.. perfect massage.. massage was done on the floor with thin mattress..

Ritual start.. normal massage.. no petik mangga whatsoever.. turned back.. then started massaging the balls and stick.. slow and nice.. it's kinda hard for me to come on HJ nowadays.. I think I am getting old!.. after a while.. I asked to open her top.. she asked for 500k.. and I said ok immediately.. she was quite surprised when I said ok.. I should have asked for 100k maybe.. haha..  I was trying to get her attention for my next adventure..

Damage cost around 500k at the reception..

Once we all out from my space.. the other group was calling us to join them at studio 33.. we were there in minutes.. it's in hotel clarion.. we took the lift from the Delta entrance.. oh man.. I missed that petik mangga.. so we're in.. nothing special really.. normal girls.. normal karaoke rooms.. normal room size.. normal sound system.. we didn't really sing after all.. other another bottles.. then we went to the showroom.. there were 2 groups of girls.. around 900k and 500k.. sorry.. can't remember the exact price.. 12am was really not a good time to choose a girl.. I chose the 900k one.. her name was yustine.. she was quite cubby.. seemed friendly.. normal ritual.. singing.. dancing.. nothing so turning..

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Body Arum Latest Massage TTM

Ahhh.. bali is so boring for sex sensation! Most massages closes on 10pm, and no variety..

The last place I went is Body Arum. They have this new sensational massage called TTM. Tea something Massage.. forget the middle T stands for.. It's been a while since my last visit.. The place has changed a bit .. They now use the other building on the left.. more rooms.. they have 2 type of rooms.. VIP with shower inside and normal which shared outside shower.. differ 25k in price..

the VIP room is a lot worst than reFreeze.. room partition is made from plywood and it's not full to the top.. 1/4 is open.. any noices will be shared to the other rooms.. basically no improvement to the place as before..

the ritual was very similar with others sensational massage in this place.. click this link to read.. there's no paper underware provided.. start from back.. feet to the top.. turn back.. here come the additional part.. i was asked to sit down.. my legs open.. she sat in front of me.. facing me.. she started to massage from knee.. went up.. then stayed in the dick.. massaged really slow and super nice while looking at me.. the massage then repeated.. facing the massasue when she doing the "massage" made this sensation felt different.. of course they have to be lookable!

Price 275k VIP ROOM..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

ReFreeze Villa Room Sensation by Erick Nyoto

Around at 3PM, i went to onasis. i saw a big banner "Onasis", then parked there. And ask the security where is the 2nd door. Then i went there. The receptionist then showed me the girls in the fish bowls.
Unfortunely for me, there were only 2 girls. one is very thin, face is below standard, the other girls more chubby (but not that chubby), but the boops is standard. Fyi, i prefer chubby girls with big boobs. So, i pass and going to back later in the night. But the receptionist persistent said to me to taked the girl now. She repeats over and over, to took the girls now (hey your girls is below standard). And as behemoth said in his post. The receptionist said ML also in the package.

Then i went to refrezz at 9.30PM, i wanted to try 21fingers. Mr.T welcomed me at the entrance.
Showed me the girls that are available., then i ask the massage. He said, there were 2 new treatment. VILLA ROOM and VIP VILLA ROOM (if i'm not mistaken with the title). 

VILLA ROOM (550K) body slide massage + sensasional massage + sensasional touch at bathhup(jaccuzi) with the girls.
VIP VILLA ROOM (650K) same as above but with 2 girls. First, i wanted to try VIP VILLA ROOM, but Mr.T recommend me to take VILLA Room, because the sensasional massage is more intimate if only 1 girls take care of you. Okay then, i took the VILLA ROOM. There are 3 girls, i forgot the last 2 girls. But i picked "puspa".

When the room is being prepared, i waited for about 15 minutes. Then Mr.T take me to the back. And there were a room again with a receptionist desk. Puspa already waiting at the door of the room. She smiled at me and said good night.

Okay now for the room. A bed with the size about 2 times standard bed at refrezz. An LCD TV with music videos. beside the bed is the shower and the bathub (jacuzzi). Very private room. (This is the most part of refrezz that i loved so much - Real Private room).

The girl named puspa 21yr for kintamani. VERY VERY RECOMMENDED. Attitude : very active, lots of smile, much talking (not basa-basi talking in general) i feel like she was my girlfiriend, hahaha.
Body : MY FAVORITE - white skin, chubby, good boobs.

She weared a swimsuit. But her boobs not covered all, imagine a dress, with a long V neck. And she said i'm lucky, because she not very often wearing that swimsuit. She usually weared a closed swimsuit ( i mean not to sexy).

The ritual : i naked completely. She began to streching (pemanasan) me. She sat at my back, And of course i feel her pussy. Then she massaged me. After that, she used cream as usuall. The massage is the usuall refresh standart, but the different is, she will very often sit at your back , then rubbed her boobs to your back. Feels so good. With the music, Air con, and we done lots of relaxing talking. I love it. Petik mangga is also available here. I sat and then she also sat at my back, then HJ me, with playing my nipple. And she maked sound like we were fak. The point of this massage was, she would be very often used her body to massage you.
After facing the bed, i turn around. And she slept beside me. playing my nipple, and HJ me, kissing my neck, my behind ear. As i said earlier, i felt like we were couple. hahhaa. Just my imagine.

We also have sensational massage in bathub (jacuzzi) - hot-warm water. i love it too. With her attitude like that, 550K is very worthed. She was not rush, yet she was very patient. Maybe some of you think, hey with 600k i can get fak and the girl is naked at onasis. But believe me or at least for me, even without FJ, this is still worth to try.

Will i go back? OF COURSE!, but with Puspa. I Will try the VIP VILLA ROOM. I tried many sensasional massage similar, but refrezz is the best. With a girl like puspa, i'm very sure, refrezz will be the best.

I'm DOne with the good things. The BAD things? of course this new treatment have some weakness at least for me.
1) i prefer bikini than swim suit.
2) the water is not hot, just warm. And it's still make me cold, when i jumped in the bathub.
3) i didn't get the usual food (nasi goreng, mie goreng, etc).